5000~Anaheim Pepper
80 days. Milder than some, these meaty chiles are 6 to 8 inch long on 28 to 34 innches.  Anaheim Chili (California Green Chile or Long Green Chile): One of the most commonly used varieties in the United States, especially in stuffed chiles. This chili is long, slender and lobed, green or red in color and mildly hot. They can be eaten when green or when they are their mature red color.

Prehistoric remains in Peru show that peppers existed then, and they were cultivated in Central and South America in very early times. Columbus brought them to Europe in 1493, and they were quickly adopted and cultivated. In fact, it was the Europeans that gave peppers their name. The only pepper they had known until that time was the black and white spice we still sprinkle out of our pepper shakers. When Columbus brought dried peppers back from the West Indies, Europeans said the fruit was "hotter than the pepper of the Caucasus," the familiar table spice. The name "pepper" stuck, and we've been using it ever since.

In spite of sharing the same name, our table pepper and the sweet and hot peppers we grow are not related. The black and white pepper we grind is the seeds of the plant, Piper nigrum. Our garden peppers belong to the species Capsicum. Capsicum annuum, one group of the Capsicum species, accounts for most of the varieties grown in this country. Exceptions include the Tabasco and Habanero peppers, which belong to other species.
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5030~Lg Red Cherry Hot Pepper
Hot cherry peppers are round and matures from green to bright red.  Popular for pickling and preserving.  May also be stuffed with cheese and used as a popper.
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5010~Ancho Grande.
When fresh and still green, these mildly hot, heart-shaped peppers are stuffed and made into chiles rellenos. When mature they are dark, rust red, richly flavored, and often dried and ground into chili powder. Peppers become 4 inches long, tapering to a blunt point. Wrinkled skin takes on even more character when dried. May be strung into long ropes or made into wreaths.. 76 to 80 days.
5050~Sweet Banana Peppers
Sweet banana peppers, or sweet Hungarian wax peppers, are popular garden-variety peppers. The banana pepper is a very productive plant producing banana-shaped fruits that change from pale yellow to orange to red over a 65-day maturation period.
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5025 ~ Jalepeno Peppers
68 days
Dark green thick-walled 3-inch fruits are a little milder than most jalapenos. Very good flavor and for us just the right amount of heat. A high quality, high yielding variety that is a staple of our vegetable garden every year.
5048 ~ Large Red Sweet Cherry
A medium pepper variety so named "Cherry Pepper" due to its round shape and stunning cherry red color. This pepper is widely used for pickling for making pickled peppers as this variety is easily canned for long term storage. The bushy pepper plants grow to 20 inches tall and bear great quantities of peppers. Matures in 75 to 80 days
5015~ Cayenne Long Slim Peppers
A very hot, long, slender, wrinkled pepper growing to 6 inches in length. The dark-green to bright-red, thin walled fruits are easy to hang in the kitchen and dry and can be ground to a powder for a spicy-hot condiment. Each plant provides a massive harvest.
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25 Seeds $2.99 ea
25 Seeds $2.99 ea
5020 ~ Hungarian Yellow Wax
70 Days.  6 inch peppers have sweet, waxy flesh, tapering to a blunt tip.  Tipen from a light-green to yellow and red.
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5035 ~ Sante Fe Grande
80 Days.  These 3 1/2 by 1 1/2 hot peppers turn from yellow to orange-red.  The upright 2 foot plant bears continuous, heavy crops.  Resisitant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

5040 ~ Keystone Giant
Florida Giant type, large fancy quality 4-5 x 3.75 in. fruits, mostly 4 lobed, thick dark green flesh, pendant habit, vigorous upright 28-30 in. plants with large dark green leaves, thick stems resist breaking despite continuous harvest, heavy yields, Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant
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5045 ~ Pimento
Upright prolific 26-30 in. plant, smooth heart shaped fruits, 3 x 2.5 in. diameter, extremely thick walls, very sweet at maturity, dark green to deep bright red, used for canning, heavy yields.
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All our seeds are open-pollinated and non-hybrid

Heirloom Pepper Seeds

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15046 ~ Habanero Orange
90 Days,  Incredibly hot, small, golden-orange, lantern-shaped fruits measuring 1 by 1 1/2 inches. Thin-walled and wrinkled.  Prefers warm most conditions.  Handle this one with extreme care!
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15047 - Chocolate Beauty
70 Days.  Sweet, non-pungent variety bears green to deep brown, 3.5 by 4.25 inch fruit on plants with the performance and habit of bell types.
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